KemiDigi project brings chemical data together

Smooth service is the objective of the KemiDigi project. In the future, companies will manage their reporting obligations via KemiDigi, making the related information available to all who need it from a single place.


Companies will benefit by saving time. At the moment, information has to be provided to several authorities in separate reports. Government agencies will also benefit, since the available chemical data will be up to date due to KemiDigi.  In addition, the public authorities will be able to target their supervision efforts more effectively on the basis of risk.


KemiDigi is one of the Government's key projects. The aim is to achieve a range of benefits for the private sector, public authorities and society as a whole.


All of society benefits when chemical safety improves.Government key project

Businesses and authorities prepare 

A range of public and private sector representatives are involved in the preparation of KemiDigi.


The first pilots are due to begin at the end of 2017. The aim is to have the system in full use by 2020.


The core of KemiDigi will be formed by chemical data, which is currently gathered in the Chemical Products Register maintained by Tukes.


Further information:

Minna Valtavaara