Business Application System

Business Application is a system producers and distributors can use to submit notifications to the authorities of dangerous consumer products and related corrective actions taken.

The obligation to notify the authorities is based on the obligation of producers and distributors laid down in Article 5(3) of the General Product Safety Directive. The purpose of the system is to be part of market surveillance and act as a tool for national authorities. The system also aims to facilitate the submission of notifications and improve cooperation between the authorities and enterprises.

The system consists of two parts:

  • the notification form that is accessible by everyone and
  • the online database intended exclusively for the authorities.

The form is used by entrepreneurs to submit notifications. The notification of a dangerous product should primarily be submitted by the producer, i.e. the manufacturer of the product who is established in the European Community, or, if the manufacturer is not established in the Community, then by a representative of the manufacturer or an importer who is established in the Community.

The notification must be submitted to the national authorities of all Member States where a dangerous product has been marketed or otherwise supplied to consumers. Those submitting a notification must prepare translations of the notification into the languages of all of the Member States for which the notification is intended. The notification form is available in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) but translations into other languages (such as Finnish) must be prepared by the enterprise itself.

The Commission has adopted guidelines for the submission of notifications. These can be found on the Commission's website. Where necessary, additional information to supplement the information provided in the notification under the Business Application system may be requested from entrepreneurs.



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