Plant protection products

Current issues

Information on reporting the annual amounts of plant protection products placed on the market in 2017 will be published at this page in February 2018 at latest.

1. Authorisation of plant protection products


Application form  for the authorisation of plant protection products

Appendix 1 Completeness check for the authorisation of a plant protection product, chemical preparation

Appendix 2 Summary of good agricultural practice for pesticide uses in Finland

Appendix 3 Reference list of supplied studies

Form to notify intended zonal applications under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009


Instructions (pdf) on applying for mutual regonition.

The national Finnish data requirements are presented in the following guidance document:


Guidance on requirements for efficacy data for zonal evaluation of plant protection product in the Northern Zone is found here.

Calculator for predicted environmental concentration in soils for plant protection products - PEC soil calculator


Number of dossiers to be submitted to Tukes:

Mutual recognition or authorisation basing on zonal evaluation report from zRMS:

  • 2 copies on CDs

Finland as zRMS:

  • 2 copies on CDs
  • 1 paper copy


2. Amendments and request for withdrawal and application for minor use

Application form for amendments and request for withdrawal of an authorisation of plant protection product

Instructions (pdf) on applying for minor use 

3. Parallel import

Application form for parallel import


4. Research or development trials

Application form for research or development trials


5. Notification for classification and labelling of preparation (CLP)

Application form for classification and labelling according to the CLP Regulation

6. Reporting the annual amounts of plant protection products placed on the market

The authorisation holders of plant protection products have to annually report to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) the amounts of plant protection products placed on the market in Finland (PPP Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, Art. 67).

Notification request is submitted to authorisation holders in February.  Instructions for sending the report will be found in the notification request. The notification request and the notification form will also be published at this page in February at latest.