Roller shades and window blinds

The cords of window blinds and the long loops of roller shades can cause a risk of strangulation to children. The parents of small children, in particular, should pay attention to the cords of window blinds and the long loops of roller shades. Long cords, which can be made into a noose, and loops, which can wrap around the neck, are dangerous for small children. Long cords and loops must be kept out of the reach of children, for example, by wrapping the cords around a hook attached to a wall or any other attachment point suitable for this purpose.


The long loop of a roller shade can be attached to a supplementary device to be mounted to a wall preventing the cord from hanging loose. It is worth enquiring about safety-enhancing devices at stores selling blinds if they are not already supplied with the product. In addition, homes should pay attention to placing children’s furniture such as beds, dressers, etc. in such a way that children cannot access cords and loops by climbing on top of the furniture.


Roller shades and certain types of window blinds (Venetian blinds, among others) must be equipped with supplementary devices enabling long cords and loops to be kept out of the reach of children, or minimization of the risk of strangulation is otherwise taken into account in the product’s design. These products should also include a warning of the risk of strangulation. Besides a warning of strangulation risk, the instructions for use should also contain a recommendation on safe placement of furniture and directions on installing and using supplementary devices.