Check key matters for safety
  • structural durability, dimensions, balance and sturdiness
  • proper finishing, no sharp edges or splinters
  • fire safety of materials
  • clear instructions for assembly and use

Assemble carefully

  • furniture is safe only if it is correctly assembled
  • consumers in Finland are entitled to instructions in Finnish or Swedish
  • ask the seller pertinent questions and make sure that you can assemble the furniture yourself
  • follow instructions and consult the seller if they are unclear
  • Check sturdiness; you may have to attach a shelf unit to the wall, for example

Avoid unnecessary risks

  • don't smoke in bed or leave a candle burning unattended
  • don't rock back on a chair; you can tip over
  • don't stand on furniture; use a ladder
  • don't let children climb on shelves or cupboards

Take good care of furniture

  • ask the seller for care instructions. If furniture comes with a product description, this will include care instructions as well as information on materials and production methods.

The manufacturer, importer and seller are responsible for the safety of furniture.


Report your observations − you will help others by doing so

If you suspect that a product or service you have used may constitute a risk to your health or property, report it to Tukes.