Candle products

Be careful with candle products and lamps

Candle products can cause a fire or burns. Some of the most common risks are listed below:

  • The outside of a lamp can heat up and cause burns when touched.
  • The inside of a lamp can become so hot that it causes a flare-up. In a flare-up the entire wax surface bursts into flame, the temperature rises further and fire can easily spread.
  • Candles are placed too close to each other, overheat and flare up or cause nearby objects to catch fire.
  • A lamp or candle is placed too close to curtains and these catch fire.
  • A burning candle is moved and hot wax overflows and causes a burn or the candle causes a curtain or other object to catch fire.
  • A burnt match is left in a candle or is poked in a burning candle and causes a flare-up.
  • A candle is allowed to burn too low and a candle ring or other decoration catches fire.
  • An outdoor candle is too near a fence, bush or other flammable object and sets it on fire.
  • The wind blows an outdoor candle into a bush or other flammable object and it catches fire.
  • A child accidentally swallows lamp oil or sucks oil from a wick and suffers lung damage.