Programme services


  • Programme service (such as adventure service) providers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their services. 
  • Make sure you inform the organiser in advance (in writing or orally) about any mobility restrictions and health conditions. This allows the organiser to take measures to prepare to accommodate you and adapt the programme if necessary.
  • Do not participate in an activity you feel is beyond you capabilities. It is sensible to know when to say 'no'.
  • Social pressure may drive some people into attempting something they cannot manage.
  • Look after those you are with − especially children and young people!
  • Ask the organiser whether your child can participate. Observe the age and size limits set by the organiser! For example, in amusement park rides a child who is too small may slip off a seat in mid-air and fall.
  • Use the safety equipment! They are not provided by the organiser to add to the excitement but to protect you and the other participants.
  • Never participate under the influence of alcohol! If you are drunk you will overestimate your capabilities and your capacity for observation is reduced.
  • Always follow the instructions provided by the organiser. It is better to ask than to rush into things and regret it later!
  • Even when on an adventure, remember to take care of basic safety issues such as wearing a seat belt, the correct loading of vehicles and compliance with traffic rules. Do not jump headlong into water. Wear a life jacket when boating! Participation in an adventure trip does not make you immortal.
  • If you have any concerns, ask the service provider about the entrepreneur's liability insurance, the event leaders' professional competence (how they became qualified, which courses they have completed, their work experience, etc.) and about measures taken to prepare for emergencies.
  • A leader's indifference or arrogance with regard to safety issues is a warning sign. A professional and serious leader will never joke about safety issues.
  • Do not attempt a stunt you have seen on TV or performed by a professional without competent instruction. Professionals have the special equipment needed and they take care of safety arrangements even though this may not be visible or mentioned.

The service provider is responsible for service safety.


Report your observations − you will help others by doing so

If you suspect that a product or service you have used may constitute a risk to your health or property, report it to Tukes.