Disposable barbecues


The use of disposable barbecues has become more common because of their small size, convenience and low price. They create waste that is difficult to dispose of and involve a serious risk of fire and burns. The risk of fire is further increased if used on dry terrain.


The most important link in disposable barbecue safety is the person using the barbecue. If using a disposable barbecue, make sure you follow these safety instructions:

  • Study the user instructions provided with the disposable barbecue and follow them. 
  • Do not use the barbecue indoors (risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning). 
  • Never place a disposable barbecue on anything flammable. The base of the barbecue gets very hot, and this causes a fire hazard. 
  • Always use the stand provided with the barbecue. Fit the stand in accordance with the instructions provided. Make sure the base of the barbecue is several centimetres above the surface you place it on (the ground). 
  • A disposable barbecue gets very hot. Do not move the barbecue when using it. 
  • Do not leave the barbecue unattended before it has cooled down properly, making sure children and pets do not get into contact with the hot barbecue and that combustible materials do not get blown onto the barbecue. 
  • Make sure the barbecue is fully extinguished by pouring plenty of water or sand onto it, making sure that coals are fully covered. 
  • Do not place a disposable barbecue in a rubbish bin before you have made sure the contents have cooled down fully. Cooling down will take several hours.  


If the organiser of a public event has provided a metal container for the collection of disposable barbecues, make sure you place your barbeque there after use, following the instructions provided. To avoid burns, allow the barbecue to cool down before taking it to the collection container. Water in containers such as watering cans should be provided for this purpose at public events.


Who is responsible for the safety of disposable barbecues? 

Under product safety legislation, the importer, manufacturer and retailer of a disposable barbecue are responsible for ensuring that the product is safe and comes with the appropriate assembly, usage and lighting instructions and hazard and warning labelling. The user instructions and hazard and warning labelling must be provided in easy-to-understand Finnish and Swedish.