Collapsible swimming pools

Safety tips for buyers and users of collapsible swimming pools

A collapsible swimming pool adorns the yard of more and more Finnish homes in summer. There are some risk factors associated with swimming pools that should be recognised. Hazardous situations arise when, for example, users of the pool, children especially, are not supervised appropriately or when the pool is used without permission. The structures of the pool may give way if a pool is installed contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions. Poor-quality water or an incorrect dose of purification chemicals may jeopardise the health of users.


When buying a collapsible pool

  • Select one that is suitable for the intended use. A depth of under 0.3 metres is suitable for small children, while older children can play in a pool that is less than 0.8 metres deep. If a pool is any deeper than this, the children must be able to swim. 
  • Check that installation and use instructions, in Finnish and Swedish, are included with the pool, as required by product safety legislation. This information must be provided in a clear and understandable form. Matters must be presented logically and in sequence with the installation order the consumer is intended to follow or can be expected to follow.  
  • Buy a cover for the pool and the chemicals and filters necessary for maintaining the purity of the water.  


When installing a collapsible pool

  • Place the pool in clear view. The location of the pool should be chosen prior to assembly and filling because it may be damaged when moved.
  • Install the pool on a firm and flat bedding that has been cleaned of rocks, refuse, etc. Installing the pool on a slanting surface may lead to collapse.
  • Carefully assemble the pool in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Fill the pool as instructed by the user manual.


Using the pool

  • Follow the instructions of the user manual. Parents must supervise children playing in a pool.
  • Garden furniture or other objects that a small child may use to climb into the pool should not be left in its vicinity.
  • If a ladder is acquired for the pool, check that it is sturdy and its size is in proportion to the size of the pool.
  • Do not use the pool while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Cover the pool when it is not in use. NB! Do not climb on top of the cover, as it may not be strong enough to support the weight of a person.


Water purification

  • Keep an eye on the purity of the water; this is an important aspect of safely using the pool and also increases use comfort.
  • Regularly change the water. While doing this, also check that the inside of the pool is clean.
  • Everyday water purification is usually done with the aid of filters and chemicals, such as chlorine. Care should always be taken when handling filters or chemicals; follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Store chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Using a cover is recommended in order to keep the water clean.



  • Always drain the pool when it is unused for a long time. This prevents unauthorised use and accidents, and keeps the water clean.
  • Store the user manual for later reference.
  • Make sure the pool is dry and clean before it is packed for storage over the winter. The pool should be stored in a dry place.