Second-hand personal protective equipment

Second-hand personal protective equipment, such as cycling and horseriding helmets, may involve protection problems


The level of protection provided may be reduced as the material ages. The protection provided may also have been reduced due to use. The new user cannot be sure how the protective equipment was used and stored by the previous owner.


For example, a helmet may look fine on the surface but its protective performance may have been reduced or entirely lost due to a hard knock, wear or exposure to sunlight. In the same way the reflective capacity of a high-visibility vest may be reduced by washing and exposure to sunlight.


Consumers should not obtain second-hand personal protective equipment.


Even if purchased new, the level of protection provided by personal protective equipment may be reduced if not maintained correctly. User instructions of protective equipment must provide information about issues including the duration of protective performance and how and how often the user should check if the product has retained its protective performance. They must also provide instructions regarding storage as well as cleaning and maintenance instructions. It is important that you regularly check the condition of personal protective equipment.