Safety goggles


Several people are injured every year by fireworks, with most of them suffering eye injuries. Injuries are particularly common among those launching fireworks but too often also occur among those watching a display.


You can improve your safety by taking a few simple precautions. Use safety goggles to protect your eyes during fireworks displays. Eye injuries have not been found among those wearing safety goggles during New Year's Eve fireworks displays in Finland.


Safety goggles intended for use during fireworks displays are classified as personal protective equipment. Safety goggle manufacturers and importers are responsible for ensuring that they meet the safety requirements set for personal protective equipment.


Consumers can check the safety of safety goggles by making sure they carry the CE marking and come with user instructions in Finnish and Swedish. They must also carry the EN 166 marking which shows the goggles have been manufactured in compliance with the standard set for personal eye protectors. The name and address of the manufacturer or importer must also be displayed on the retail packaging or in the user instructions. The same safety requirements also apply to safety goggles provided as gratis or business gifts. 


In Finland the conformity of fireworks is monitored and instructions regarding their safe use are provided by Tukes. Tukes also conducts random checks to supervise the compliance of safety goggles sold with the safety requirements set for them.