Air source heat pumps


The safety of air source heat pumps must be ensured by using a professional installer. Air source heat pumps may only be installed by an authorised refrigeration contractor. You must not personally install a pump or have a pump installed by an unqualified installer.


Make sure you check that the installer has the qualifications required of refrigeration contractors under Finnish legislation before having them install your air source heat pump. Refrigeration equipment work may only be performed if the company, its responsible person and installers are included in the Tukes register:


  • The Contractor Register lists the operators issued with a Tukes certificate authorising them to operate as refrigeration contractors. The Contractor Register search result also indicates whether the refrigeration contractor is an authorised electrical contractor.



The electrical work required in the installation of an air source heat pump must be contracted to an authorised electrical contractor. An authorised refrigeration contractor may not necessarily be authorised to perform electrical contracting, in which case the electrical work must be contracted to an authorised electrical contractor. Electrical work performed by an unqualified person may create a lethal hazard. 


The refrigeration contractor must provide a certificate regarding the installation of an air source heat pump. The certificate must specify clearly which equipment was installed. The certificate must also contain an assurance signed by the responsible person that the installation took place in compliance with regulations and installation instructions.


User instructions in Finnish and Swedish must be provided with air source heat pumps, detailing the measures related to the commissioning, use and maintenance of the pump that the user is permitted to perform.