Aerosol dispensers

Aerosol dispensers are pressurised containers and must therefore be used and stored safely. The instructions on the dispenser must always be followed when using and storing aerosols.


  • Do not expose aerosol dispensers to direct sunlight or temperatures above 50°C.
  • Do not pierce or burn the container, even after use.
  • If the container is marked with the flame symbol, the aerosol dispenser contains flammable liquids or gases. Such aerosol dispensers:
    • must not be sprayed on a naked flame or any incandescent material;
    • must be kept away from sources of ignition. 

The maximum quantity of aerosols stored in a home must not exceed 25 litres.

Aerosol dispensers must carry the required safety labelling and information. The symbol З on an aerosol dispenser is proof of it meeting construction and test requirements. The dispenser must have the necessary hazard labelling and user and storage instructions in Finnish and Swedish. The sale or other supply of insufficiently labelled aerosol dispensers is prohibited by law.