Accumulators and batteries

Make sure you always follow the user instructions when using accumulators and batteries. Also remember to use the correct charging device when charging high-power accumulators and batteries for leisure activities (such as those used with radio-controlled cars and planes).

How to use accumulators and batteries safely

  • Follow the product user instructions − there may be specific instructions on charging.
  • Use the correct charging device.
  • Keep on eye on the accumulator or battery-driven product:
    - if the accumulator or battery becomes very warm, balloons or swells, remove it immediately from the device.
  • Make sure the accumulator or battery does not become short-circuited:
    - keep potential hazards such as keys, coins, jewellery and water away from it.
  • Do not cause any mechanical damage to the accumulator or battery.
  • Keep the product away from hot objects including:
    - stoves, fireplaces, clothes irons, heaters, car dashboards.
  • Remember to check the polarity when changing the accumulator or battery.
  • When no longer required, dispose of accumulators and batteries by taking them to an appropriate recycling point.


    • If an accumulator or battery shows signs of leakage, place it in a plastic bag.

    • Cover the poles of a lithium accumulator or battery with sticky tape.

    • Make sure the accumulators and batteries you take to a recycling point are fully discharged.