Professional Products

Kokko Kurt, ​Head of Unit

Phone: 029 5052 128

Ahola Johanna, Senior Officer

Indoor construction products

Phone: 029 5052 740

Ahosilta Sanna, Inspector

Customer service, fixed-period intra-Community transfer of explosives documents (within European Union and in Finland), import of explosives and approval for general trade

Phone: 029 5052 249

Johansson Björn, Senior Officer

Rescue service equipment, fire alarm systems, fire-extinguishing systems, installation and servicing companies for fire alarm systems and fire-extinguishing equipment, emergency escaple lighting, smoke barrier systems, portable fire extinguisher companies

Phone: 029 5052 515

Kokkonen Krista, Secretary

Phone: 029 5052 072

Kulmala Petri, Senior Officer

Load-bearing structures (steel)

Phone: 029 5052 741

Lakua Laura, Senior Officer

Load-bearing structures (concrete and wood)

Phone: 029 5052 742

Lehmusmies Simo, Senior Officer

Transport of dangerous goods, transport packages and tanks

Phone: 029 5052 055

Meurman Karoliina, Senior Officer

Market surveillance of consumer products (smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets)

Phone: 029 5052 651

Niittyvuopio Veijo, Senior Officer

Construction products, infrastructure products and insulation fills, market surveillance

Phone: 029 5052 250

Ojala Mikko, Senior Officer

Explosives, firework products, LPG equipment

Phone: 029 5052 427

Porkola Paula, Senior Officer

Construction products (ventilation, water and sewer equipment)

Phone: 029 5052 081

Valvisto Tarja, Senior Officer

Advance approval and market surveillance of imported chemical tanks

Phone: 029 5052 415