Consumer Services

Niemelä Janne, Head of Unit

Management of safety surveillance, technical requirements for consumer services

Phone: 029 5052 153

Kestinmäki Kielo, Senior Officer

Horse riding services, domestic animal farms, nature programme services (Southern Finland)

Phone: 029 5052 095

Koponen Kari, Senior Officer

Motor-sporting services and karting, public events and other occasions

Phone: 029 5052 094

Kulmala Konsta, Senior Officer

Swimming halls and spas, other swimming and water-related safety

Phone: 029 5052 097

Laitinen Jaakko, Senior Officer

Children's playgrounds, gyms, outdoor sports excercising areas and ball fields

Phone: 029 5052 194

Latvala Aleksi, Senior Officer

Downhill skiing resorts (Northern Finland) and tourist services (Northern Finland)

Phone: 029 5052 091

Laurila Maija, Senior Officer (on leave of absence)

Legal affairs within consumer services, cosmetic and body modification services

Phone: 029 5052 000

Leinonen Jaakko, Senior Officer

Municipal services (Northern Finland) and programme services (Lapland tourism)

Phone: 029 5052 141

Mesimäki Markus, Senior Officer

Amusement parks and funfairs, downhill skiing services

Phone: 029 5052 052

Murtonen Mervi, Senior Officer

Safety management

Phone: 029 5052 080

Mustonen Petteri, Senior Officer

Climbing services, programme services (bungee jumping i.a.), public sports events, adventure tracks

Phone: 029 5052 099