Water-walking ball

Water-walking balls constitute a consumer service that falls within the scope of the Consumer Safety Act (920/2011) of Finland. Under the Act, the safety of the service shall be ensured by the service provider. In this activity, the customer goes inside a large air-tight ball that is placed on water in a pool or on a beach. The ball can be moved along by walking, rolling or spinning inside it.


 Water walking ball

Photo: CPSC, USA.


It is difficult if not impossible to ensure the safety of water-walking ball use for consumers, particularly children. The biggest risks are to do with the oxygen level dropping after a while and it not being possible for the rider to open the ball from the inside. Oxygen depletion may result in unconsciousness and even death, if the rider does not get out of the ball soon enough. The use of the ball also involves the risk of drowning, if the ball breaks and is filled with water while the rider is still inside, as well as other types of injury, such as bone fractures, if the rider hits something hard or sharp while riding the ball, e.g. in cases where the ball falls out of the pool. Furthermore, it is difficult to steer the ball in a specific direction or keep it still.

For more information, visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website.