Horse riding


General requirements set for horse riding services

A horse riding service or participation in it must not represent a risk to the health or property of consumers participating in it as referred to in section 10 of the Consumer Safety Act. A horse riding service may not pose a risk or harm to others within its scope of influence, such as to spectators or passers-by, either. The information required by the Government decree on data to be supplied in respect of consumer products and services (613/2004) must be provided about the service. The safety of those working (those with an employment contract, volunteers and under 18-year-olds alike) must be taken into consideration as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (738/2002).


Under section 5 of the Consumer Safety Act (920/2011), operators are responsible for the safety of their horse riding services throughout the duration of service provision (incl. the stable area, the entire route, camp activity as a whole).


The horse riding service must be safe enough when taking into consideration the current participant group, its numbers and the prevailing conditions. The operator must specify in advance the maximum number of customers participating in the horse riding service at the same time for each function (such as ring, arena, cross-country, trekking) and each group (beginners, children, special groups). The entrepreneur must also specify in advance the age, skills and other requirements and restrictions necessary for safety reasons. The maximum number of customers participating at the same time in the horse riding service as well as any restrictions set must be specified in a safety document.


If necessary, limits regarding the prevailing conditions must be set for the service. If the activity is not safe, the service must not be provided. The operator must provide clear instructions on how to act if there is a change in the conditions during the activity (such as a strong thunderstorm). Such instructions must be included in the safety document and be known by the entire staff.


Guidelines for the promotion of safety on horse riding services