Program services

Programme services include programmes, adventures, entertainment, nature-based excursions and health and fitness services provided in various environments, such as indoors and outdoors, in and out of towns, in the air, on water and on the roads. Programme services can also be provided in connection with other services, such as amusement parks and public events. Programme services typically involve active participation by customers.


Programme services are a high-risk industry, as they are typically aimed at providing participants with experiences and situations that they have not encountered before and that include an element of surprise. It is therefore important for service providers to assess all risks in advance and forecast the reactions of different kinds of customers as well as possible. The level of risk is highly dependent on the kind of customers (e.g. children, elderly people, disabled people) and the environment (terrain and weather conditions).


Tukes Guide 2/2015 Promoting the Safety of Programme Services (in Finnish).