To trampoline importers and retailers


Trampolines intended for domestic use are regarded as toys and shall therefore meet the requirements laid down in the legislation on toys. Furthermore, trampolines shall meet the requirements in standard EN 71-14 Safety of toys. Part 14: Trampolines for domestic use. The economic operator (manufacturer, importer, and distributor) of a trampoline is responsible for ensuring that trampolines sold to consumers fulfil the safety requirements, and do not endanger consumers' safety. The operator shall also ensure that appropriate assembly and user instructions are delivered together with the product.


As for trampolines, among the critical issues are the structural strength and in-use stability. Another key issue is the safety net.


Safety net


Pursuant to standard EN 71-14, middle-sized and large trampolines (frame size ≥ 1,500 mm) shall be delivered with a safety net which shall be included in the sales package. Small-sized trampolines (frame size < 1,500 mm) may be delivered with a safety net, or can be equipped with handles. If a small-sized trampoline is equipped with handles, it shall not include any safety net.


Markings and user instructions


The Toy Safety Act (1154/2011) of Finland lays down that warning labels and user instructions for toy trampolines shall make the users and their supervisors pay attention to the dangers and risks involved with the use of trampolines and the methods to avoid them. All warnings and markings necessary for the safety, as well as instructions for installation, use and servicing shall be delivered together with the product. For detailed requirements for marking, warnings and user instructions, please refer to standard EN 71-14. The presentation of the information shall be plain and intelligible. In Finland, the necessary warnings and user instructions shall be given both in Finnish and Swedish.


Marketing of trampolines


Dangerous situations related to trampolines can be prevented, and this should also be remembered in the marketing. Under the Consumer Protection Act (38/1978) of Finland, no conduct inappropriate or otherwise unfair from the point of view of consumers shall be allowed.

Marketing is inappropriate if it depicts situations that encourage consumers to neglect safety instructions. Marketing of trampolines shall also provide consumers with the right picture of the safe use of trampolines. This is very important as trampolines are mainly used by children, who may find it difficult to think about or consider the relevant safety issues.

As for advertisement images, this means that not more than one person at a time can be depicted on a trampoline. Besides, images of middle-sized and large trampolines shall show the products with a ready-installed safety net.


Surveillance of trampoline safety


The manufacturer, importer and retailer are liable for that trampolines sold to consumers are in conformity with the safety requirements and do not present any risk to consumer safety. Appropriate instructions for assembly and use shall be provided with the product. Tukes is the government authority to supervise the safety of consumer goods brought on the market in Finland. The surveillance takes place by risk-oriented spot checks, and the products put up for sale are not subject to any advance examination by the authorities.