Safety requirements for products

Products shall be safe, and the essential safety characteristics and markings vary according to the product category.


On these pages you will find information on product requirements, standards and markings. We have also prepared separate surveillance guidelines on selected product categories.


The Finnish Consumer Safety Act (920/2011) applies to consumer products and services whose safety is not governed by provisions elsewhere in legislation.


By law, producers and suppliers are responsible for the safety of products and services. Products and services must not endanger health or property (section 10), and sufficient information for safe use shall be given with them (section 9). The Finnish Government Decree (613/2004) lays down more detailed requirements for the information to be provided (sections 3 and 4).


The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) is the competent surveillance authority for the safety of general consumer products and services. Surveillance is based on risk assessment and random checks. Tukes does not check all the products, nor does it authorise or approve any products or services. The entrepreneurs are responsible for the safety of the products and services they provide.


Tukes is not the competent authority in consumer protection issues. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority consumer advisors are ready to help consumers e.g. in disputes. Neither does Tukes deal with individual disputes or take position on them.


In the section "Who monitors what" there are examples of product and service groups and the competent authorities for them. In the left navigation bar, you find more information on products and services within the scope of Tukes' competency.