Notifying competent authorities

Operators notifications to the competent surveillance authority about hazardous products 

Operators must submit a notification to the competent authority about products that pose a risk. To do this, they must fill in the form and send it to Tukes. It is essential that the notification is submitted as soon as someone in the enterprise has discovered a risk. The notification must be submitted even if full details of the  risk are not available. Supplementary information can be provided later.


A notification must be submitted if a product poses a risk in the form of:

  • an adverse health effect;
  • an accident (such as a fire or an injury that required hospital treatment);
  • a hazardous situation; or
  • a serious near-miss situation. A near miss is an unplanned event that could have resulted in an accident.


Even a less serious risk involving a product or service may require a notification in the following cases:

  • The product is distributed broadly or sold in large numbers.
  • The risk is not obvious, whereby it is difficult for consumers to recognise.
  • The product is intended for children, young people or the aged.


The media are often interested in whether the operator has complied with legislation and submitted a notification to the competent authority. As well as being a violation of legislation, failure to submit a notification may also damage the operator's public image.


Operators are responsible for the safety of their products. Submitting a notification does not release an operator from this responsibility.


Notifications of products that pose a risk can also be made using the Business Application (BA) system. This is a service for operators maintained by the European Commission. Read more about the BA system.