Informing consumers or end users of risk

If a product presents a risk, the economic operator in question must cooperate with authorities and take all measures necessary to eliminating the risk. ‘Economic operator’ refers to anyone who manufactures, imports, exports, transports via Finland, offers for sale, offers, sells or otherwise supplies or transmits consumer products. However, natural persons who supply goods non-commercially are not included in the the Consumer Safety Act's definition of an economic operator.


When the danger is serious, according to Tukes' surveillance procedure, en economic operator must publish a notification to consumers and withdraw the product from the market and consumers. The company in question must draw up a communication plan that includes items such as a draft of the notification, communication channels and a communication schedule insofar as it is known. The communication plan must first be sent to Tukes for evaluation before information on the risk is published. If the economic operator has a comprehensive and up-to-date customer register, this can be used to inform consumers of a risk. If the consumers who have purchased a product can be reached using the customer register or in person, no other information measures will be needed.


If it is impossible to define the geographic area in which the product has been sold, the starting point will be to publish the notification in at least ten major newspapers. Those newspapers must be selected in a way that ensures nationwide coverage. Tabloids can also be used. If the product has been sold in Swedish-speaking areas, the notification must be published in at least one major Swedish-language newspaper in the area.


In addition to newspapers, notifications of the risk must be published on the company's website and placed in shops where the product has been sold. The notifications must be placed in prominent places, such as cash registers or by entrances. They must be displayed for at least three months.


The company can also propose alternative/complementary channels in its communication plan. In such a case, the company must be able to demonstrate that its information activities reach at least as many people as newspaper notifications. Other communication channels may include hobby and trade magazines and online information such as banners.


It is also recommended that companies publish a press release about the product withdrawal. However, this will not replace the other information activities.