Product posing a risk

If a product presents a risk, an operator provider must:

  1. Report the risk and measures taken to eliminate it to the competent authority
  2. Withdraw the product from the market
  3. Notify consumers of the risk and tell them what steps to take.


If a trader finds out that a product poses a risk to the health or property of consumers, one must immediately report the risk to the competent authority. The operator must also report what measures have been taken as a result of the risk and must cooperate with the competent authority to eliminate the risk (the Consumer Safety Act 920/2011, section 8).

According to Tukes´ surveillance procedure, a trader or service provider may have to notify consumers if a risk is observed. When a risk assessment is made, an operator must place consumers' safety above the cost of corrective measures. Authorities responsible for product safety surveillance must naturally do likewise.

The fact that an operatori responds to a risk by voluntarily cooperating with authorities and swiftly takes measures on the hazard, gives consumers an image of a responsible business.