Consumer safety

What can I do to promote product safety?


Everyone who is involved with products and services - consumers, traders, authorities and the media - can promote safety through their own activities.

What can consumers do to promote safety?

Be careful and watch out for other people, especially children. Obey warnings, age recommendations and instructions for use. Report dangerous situations to the trader and authorities.

What can traders do to promote safety?

Obey laws, regulations, guidelines and good practice. Report dangerous situations to authorities and consumers. Conduct continual quality control and product development, which includes testing product safety.

What can authorities do to promote safety?

Monitor compliance with regulations (market surveillance).
Inform and educate consumers and traders. Monitor and participate in the development of regulations and standards in different fields. Cooperate with other authorities (Finland, Europe, EU).

What can the media do to promote safety?

Distribute information to consumers and traders. Focus attention on topics which are important for safety.

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