Voice evacuation systems

Rescue service equipment denotes "equipment for the detection of other risk of accident as well as alarm and warning equipment" (Rescue Service Equipment Act 10/2007). Examples of these include evacuation alert and safety announcement systems. These are commonly referred to as voice evacuation or voice alarm.

Surveillance by Tukes only covers voice evacuation systems installed in response to  Authority demands or requirements in legislation. This means that Tukes does not supervise any equipment installed on a voluntary basis. Voice alarm systems within the scope of the Rescue Service Equipment Act do not include e.g. the public address systems used in schools. Neither is a TV set used in emergencies to transmit messages regarded as voice evacuation equipment referred to in the Act.

Voice evacuation systems fall within the scope of the Construction Products Regulation, and their conformity with requirements shall be shown with a harmonised product standard SFS-EN 54-16 Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Voice alarm control and indicating equipment and SFS-EN 54-24 Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Components of voice alarm systems. Loudspeakers. Equipment that fulfils the requirements in the above standards shall be equipped with CE marking.


Standard EN 60849 Sound systems for emergency purposes is another standard that covers voice evacuation systems. The basic idea in the EN 54 series of standards is that voice evacuation is regarded as part of a fire alarm system, while EN 60849 does not include this requirement, but allows voice evacuation to be connected to other systems.


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