Acquisition and placement


Smoke alarms have been mandatory in all residences since 1 September 2000. A smoke alarm is recommended for all bedrooms and on all exit routes. Each floor of a residence shall have at least one smoke alarm. The number of additional smoke alarms required depends on floor area and shape of residence and any activities giving rise to particular fire hazard. The effective protection area of a single smoke alarm is approximately 60 m².


In placing a smoke alarm, attention shall be paid to its operational prerequisites. The smoke alarm should be placed on the ceiling in the middle of the room in a place where smoke may freely spread. The smoke alarm should not be placed closer than 50 cm to a wall, corner or rafter. Air flows shall also be taken into consideration in placement, as air flows may prevent fire gases from entering the detector and thus prolong the alert. Detectors should also not be placed in the vicinity of ventilation windows or forced ventilation. Other places not recommended for smoke alarms include the kitchen, wet areas and other places where activity may cause unnecessary alarms. The instructions provided with the smoke alarm shall be observed in installation.


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