Specific requirements have been set for fire alarm system installation companies in legislation (Act on Rescue Service Equipment 10/2007).  These include them having to submit a notification to Tukes for supervision purposes before they launch operations and appointing a responsible person who meets the qualification requirements to attend to duties related to fire alarm systems.

For instructions on how to submit a company notification and the forms required visit here (in Finnish).

The fire alarm system installation company selected by the developer is responsible for the installation of the fire alarm system on the property. Another company always working under the supervision and responsibility of the installation company may participate in some parts of the installation work. The installation company's responsible person must make sure the requirements set for the construction of the fire alarm system are met as specified in the implementation record, terms and conditions of permit and procurement documents.

The installation company must always provide an installation certificate on the work performed by it before the commissioning inspection.

Subcontractors are actors not entitled to carry out installation or maintenance of fire alarm or extinguishing systems on their own. Instead, they must always work under the supervision and responsibility of a qualified installation company included in the Tukes register of companies and appointed to perform the work.



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