Installation companies, responsible persons, exams

Installation companies

Installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems is a regulated activity (Act on Rescue Service Equipment 10/2007).  This means installation and maintenance may only be carried out by installation companies whose competence has been verified. A list of companies that meet the requirements and have submitted the required notification, including the names of their responsible persons, can be found here (in Finnish).

Responsible persons

There are statutory qualification requirements regarding training, examinations and work experience set for responsible persons. For detailed instructions regarding the qualification requirements and on how to apply for a qualification certificate visit here (in Finnish). Those appointed as a responsible person of an installation company must always be permanently employed by the company.


Examinations related to fire alarm systems are arranged by Inspecta Corporation. There are no qualification requirements for those taking the examination. On separate application, Tukes may issue an area-specific qualification certificate for those who have passed the examination and meet the other qualification requirements.


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