Equipment selection and design

Those undertaking a construction project must ensure that the building being designed meets the essential structural requirements, including fire safety requirements.

They must appoint for the construction project a principal designer as well as qualified designers for each area as required by the scope of the project. The extinguishing equipment plan is part of special planning referred to in the Land Use and Building Act, so a special designer must be appointed for the task. The designer sets the requirements for the system to be created on the basis of the assignment data provided by the developer. The intended use of the building must be taken into consideration in design and dimensioning, also taking the requirements set for construction by authorities supervising construction into consideration.

The requirements set for extinguishing system construction and any selection of equipment must be included by the designer in a report on the principles of the design of the extinguishing system, which must always be submitted to the construction supervision authorities. This report is part of the processing of building permits. Where necessary, the authorities may set further requirements for the fire extinguishing system to be installed on the basis of the report.


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