Emergency escape lighting

Marking and lighting of escape routes in buildings

Exit sign is a special sign to indicate the location of the emergency exit and the passageway to the exit.


Escape route is a route for evacuation from the relevant point of the building, which leads out to the ground level or some other safe place.


As laid down by the Rescue Services Act, section 10, emergency exits and the routes leading to them shall be marked and lighted appropriately.


The marking and lighting of escape routes are also subject to more precise regulations as prescribed in the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior (805/2005).



The escape route markings and lighting shall be maintained in proper functioning condition, which is secured with regular maintenance. By virtue of the Rescue Services Act, section 12, the responsibility for this lies with the owner and the possessor of the building as to the public premises and the arrangements serving the whole building, and with the occupants of dwellings as to the premises in their possession.


For the maintenance, a special maintenance programme shall be drawn up, listing the necessary servicing measures. The measures shall be entered into the programme or a separate diary.


Whenever requested, the maintenance programme and diary are to be presented to the local rescue service authority for surveillance purposes.

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