Harmonised EN product standards

Updated: 11 March 2013


The latest updated lists of harmonised EN standards can be found on the hEN Helpdesk website, by using free or advanced search.


Fire alarm systems
SFS-EN 54 series. Palonhavaitsemis- ja palohälytysjärjestelmät.
Fire detection and fire alarm systems.


Smoke alarms
SFS-EN 14604


Sprinkler systems
SFS-EN 12259 series. Kiinteät palonsammutusjärjestelmät. Sprinkleri- ja vesivalelulaitteistojen komponentit.
Fixed firefighting systems components for sprinkler and waterspray systems.


Gas extinguishing systems

SFS-EN 12094 series. Kiinteät palonsammutusjärjestelmät. Kaasusammutuslaitteistojen komponentit.
Fixed firefighting systems. Components for gas extinguishing systems. 


Fire hose reels
SFS-EN 671 series. Kiinteät palonsammutusjärjestelmät. Palopostit.
Fixed firefighting systems. Hose systems.


Smoke control systems
SFS-EN 12101 series. Savunhallintajärjestelmät.
Smoke and heat control systems.


Fireplaces and wood-heated sauna stoves

A large number of standards. Use advanced search "CEN/TC 295" for an updated list.

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