Vehicle air-conditioning


Vehicle air-conditioning Processing time for Certificates of Qualification and notifications of operation is approximately 20 days.


Personnel competency

  1. The appointed responsible person and all personnel working with refrigeration instalment are required to apply to Tukes for a Certificate of Qualification, that is granted after certain training or completion of a fitter’s qualification test. NB: For detailed competency requirements, click here.

    Please include in your application copies of training certificates required for the appointed responsible person (such as a vocational qualification in vehicle technology) and training attestation for air-conditioning systems in vehicles for personnel.

    If the applicant fulfils the requirements for both the appointed responsible person and refrigeration fitter, it is advised to apply for both certificates even if the applicant is not currently employed as a an appointed responsible person. A fee of 74€ is charged for every application disregarding the number of Certificates of Qualifications applied.

    For every applicant a separate application for the Certificate of Qualification is filed.

  2. After processing, the Certificate is posted to the applicant and their details are added to the Tukes competence register.

    The application for the Certificate of Qualification can be sent together with the notification of operation.


Refrigeration companies and notification of operation


  1. Operators must file a notification of operation with details of the appointed responsible person and of personnel working with installation, servicing and maintenance. If needed, you may use a separate attachment. Please include the required appendices (a list of tools or equipment used and an extract from the trade register or other equivalent register).
  2. Tukes will add details of the operator and the appointed responsible person employed by the operator to the refrigeration company register and confirm the notification by sending a certificate authorising them to operate as refrigeration contractors.

    The notification of operation may be filed together with the application for Certificate of Qualification.

    NB: The certificate authorising operation as refrigeration contractor cannot be granted if the operator cannot name an appointed responsible person and refrigeration fitter fulfilling the requirements of the National Decree on Refrigeration 452/2009 (text in Finnish). If the appointed responsible person works as a fitter, he or she must also fulfil the necessary competency requirements.

    The competency register and the refrigeration company register (both in Finnish only) can be found on the Tukes web page.

Changes to business operation and closing
Operators must file a new notification of operation a maximum of three months after the appointed responsible person has been replaced or business operation has changed otherwise substantially. Closing the business must also be reported to Tukes.