High-voltage switchgear containing SF6 gas

“High-voltage switchgear” means switchgear that is meant for generation, transmission, distribution and conversion of electric power with rated voltages of 1000 volts and above.


Personnel recovering sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) from high-voltage switchgear must have a Certificate of Qualification granted by Tukes. Companies owning high-voltage switchgear are not necessarily required to employ a person with such qualification - it is enough for the company to make sure that the personnel at their service have adequate qualifications for recovering the gas.

Recovery is defined in the Regulation (EC) No 842/2006 as follows: “Recovery" means the collection and storage of fluorinated greenhouse gases from, for example, machinery, equipment and containers”.

Therefore, competency requirements do not apply to e.g. SF6 gas filling for a new high voltage switchgear device or adding of SF6 gas during service.


Applying for a Certificate of Qualification

1. The applicant must pass a competence training exam organised by a Tukes approved body.
2. Then, the applicant can apply for the Certificate of Qualification from Tukes.
3. The Certificate is posted to the applicant and their details are added to the Tukes competence register.