Fire-extinguishing systems containing F-gases


The National Decree on Refrigeration (452/2009) concerns companies who work with fire-extinguishing systems, providing installation, maintenance and servicing of fire-extinguishing systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) and handling of extinguishing agents.


Start of operation

Operators must file a notification of operation to Tukes before starting their business.


Stages of starting a business:

  1. The appointed responsible person must have a valid Certificate of Qualification (the competence of an appointed responsible person within a company carrying out installation of automatic extinguishing systems ) granted by Tukes and defined in the Rescue Equipment Act (10/2007).
  2. Those working in installation and maintenance are to apply for a Certificate of Qualification from Tukes (please note that the competence training exam must be organised by a body approved by Tukes).
  3. After processing, the Certificate is posted to the applicant and their details are added to the Tukes competence register.
  4. Operators must file a notification of operation with details of the competence of the appointed responsible person and of personnel working with installation, servicing and maintenance.
  5. Tukes will confirm the notification by sending the certificate and by adding details of the operator and appointed responsible person to the Tukes register on companies installing and servicing equipment containing F-gases.


The Certificate of Qualification for an appointed responsible person working with a company focusing on fire-extinguishing systems must be renewed every five years, as required by the Rescue Equipment Act.