Refrigeration branch

Processing time for Certificates of Qualification and notifications of operation is approximately 30 days.


Refrigeration branch denotes servicing and waste treatment of equipment that contains ozone-depleting substances and certain equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). The F-gases are used in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, fire-extinguishing systems, high-voltage switchgear and solvents. 


The provisions on the F-gases are laid down in the EU Regulation No 517/2014 and nationally in the Finnish Environmental Protection Act (527/2014), and in the Finnish Government Decree (452/2009).


Within the scope of the Decree are entrepreneurs and persons who carry out installation or servicing on equipment containing F-gases, such as air-conditioning or heat pump equipment, air-conditioning systems in vehicles or fire-extinguishing equipment. The Decree also applies to persons involved in recovery of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6 gas) from high-voltage switchgear or F-gas-based solvents from the equipment. The new Decree regulates the qualifications for both the appointed responsible person employed by the entrepreneur and the persons attending to the installation, servicing or recovery tasks.


After 4 July 2009 refrigerants containing F-gases may not be sold to others than qualified entrepreneurs and businesses registered at Tukes (EU Regulation 842/2006).