Manufacture is carried out in accordance with the reviewed and approved plans and with appropriate techniques and methods. Manufacture comprises the manufacture of pressure equipment and components in machine shops and production facilities as well as installation, connection of pressure equipment and assessment of assemblies on site. The end result of manufacture is CE-marked pressure equipment or an assembly that is placed on the market or handed over to the commissioning party (owner or holder of pressure equipment). In some cases, the CE marking may be replaced with the requirements of sound engineering practice. Instructions for use, declaration of conformity and other documents agreed upon shall accompany the pressure equipment or assembly.


Inspection bodies (notified bodies) or manufacturers carry out the conformity assessment on pressure equipment or assemblies in accordance with the applicable module.


Responsible manufacturers are responsible for the conformity of pressure equipment or assemblies. Responsible manufacturers are individuals or organisations responsible for the design, manufacture, testing, inspection and installation as necessary of pressure equipment or assemblies. Manufacturers may subcontract one or more of the aforementioned tasks at their own risk.


Tukes attends to market supervision concerning the manufacture of pressure equipment.