Exploration permit

The holder of an exploration permit has the right to explore the structures and composition of geological formations on the permit holder's own land and on land owned by another landowner within the area referred to in the permit (exploration area). The permit holder also has the right to conduct other prospecting in order to prepare for mining activity and other exploration in order to locate a deposit and to investigate its quality, extent and degree of exploitation in accordance with the exploration permit.

The permit holder may build or transfer to the exploration area temporary constructions and equipment necessary for exploration activity in accordance with the exploration permit.

An exploration permit does not authorise the exploitation of the deposit. It does, however, provide the holder with a privilege for the mining permit, which in turn provides the right to exploit the deposit. The prerequisites for the granting of the mining permit are to do with the size, ore content and technical characteristics of the deposit concerning its exploitability.

The exploration permit does not limit the property owner’s right to use the area or dispose of it.