Prerequisites for and obstacles to granting of a mining permit

The prerequisite for the granting of a mining permit is that the deposit must be exploitable in terms of size, ore content and technical characteristics. The size and content of a deposit can be regarded as sufficient if the income receivable from its exploitation covers the operating costs and ensures the required return on investments made in the exploitation of the deposit. The most important technical characteristics assessed are those related to excavation and ore dressing.

A mining permit may not be issued if there are serious grounds for suspecting, for reasons that have emerged in connection with the processing of the application, that the applicant does not meet the prerequisites for or have any apparent intention to see to the commencement of mining activity or if the applicant has previously materially neglected obligations based on the Mining Act. In the assessment of the materiality of such negligence, particular consideration must be given to whether such cases of negligence have been systematic as well as to their duration and recurrence and the amount of damage caused by the negligence.

A permit may also not be granted if the mining activity poses a danger to public safety, causes highly significant detrimental environmental impacts or very substantially weakens the residential and industrial conditions of the locality and such danger or impact cannot be remedied through permit provisions.