Annual compensation

 Finland’s new Mining Act (621/2011) entered into force on 1 July 2011. Its entry into force also resulted in changes in the annual compensation to be paid to landowners for gold panning.


Before the entry into force of the new Mining Act, claim holders had to pay a claim fee to the government and claim compensation to the landowner under sections 15 and 16 of the old Mining Act (503/1965). Under the new Act, there is no longer any annual gold panning fee payable under section 16 of the old Act to the government. 


Under the new Act, mining right holders must still pay the concession fee to the landowner as required under section 44 of the old Act. The new Mining Act resulted in a review of the amount payable as a concession fee.


For a few more years, gold panning in Finland will take place under two different acts, the old Mining Act (503/1965) and the new Mining Act (621/2011). Under the old Act that is now repealed, gold panning takes place on the basis of a mining right or claim right, while under the new Mining Act the activity takes place on the basis of a gold panning permit. During this period of transition, the annual payments to be made are determined on the basis of whether the gold panning takes place on the basis of a mining right, claim right or gold panning permit.


Like the concession fee and the claim compensation, the gold panning compensation is a general system charge payable for the right to use the gold panning area and possible management of a building site as well as the gold recovered.




  • Claimholders must pay the landowner (Metsähallitus) annual claim compensation.
  • Please note! From 1 July 2011 the annual claim compensation amounts to EUR 20 per hectare.




  • Gold panning permit holders must pay the landowner (Metsähallitus) annual gold panning compensation.
  • The annual gold panning compensation amounts to EUR 50 per hectare.




  • Mining right holders must pay the landowner (Metsähallitus) an annual concession fee.
  • The annual concession fee amounts to EUR 50 per hectare.




  • For the first year the gold panning compensation must be paid into the bank account specified by Metsähallitus no later than within 30 days from the date of the gold panning permit’s entry into legal force.


  • For the subsequent years the gold panning compensation as well as the claim compensation and concession fee must be paid into the bank account specified by Metsähallitus no later than on 15 March.


  • Please note that Tukes will not send mining right holders/claim holders/gold panners any invoice for the annual compensation or fee to be paid.


  • After having been informed about a claim right decision/gold panning permit decision, Metsähallitus will provide the new right or permit holder with instructions about issues including the annual gold panning compensation (gold panning compensation amount, due date and bank account number). These instructions will be sent by letter.


  • The procedure concerning gold panning compensation is the same as that applied to the concession fee and claim compensation until now; permit holders must remember to pay the annual gold panning compensation into the Metsähallitus bank account by the due date and they will not be sent a separate invoice for the payment.


  • Contact Metsähallitus if you are unsure about the due date, amount, bank account number or any other issue concerning the concession fee/claim compensation/gold panning compensation:


Irja Mikkonen

Senior Adviser

Natural Heritage Services, Lapland
PO Box 36
99801 IVALO

Phone 0205 64 7724
irja.mikkonen (at)

Heikki Remes



Metsähallitus, metsätalous
Jäämerentie 6


Phone 0206 39 7355
heikki.remes (at)



  • Metsähallitus provides information about current gold panning issues, such as the claim compensation/gold panning compensation, in the Prospäkkäri newsletter of the Gold Prospectors’ Association of Finnish Lapland.


  • Please note! If a gold panner fails to make the payments required, the permit authority will take measures in accordance with section 70 of the Mining Act to cancel the gold panning permit/claim.