Fees and charges

The price-list below, based on the Ministry of Employment and the Economy Decree on Charges Payable for Performances of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency as of 1 January 2016 (1579/2015), is valid for applications that have become pending with Tukes as of 2016. Earlier applications shall be processed following the Payments Decree and the price-list that were valid at the time of filing the relevant application.


We also charge for any costs caused by public notice procedure and advertising whenever applicable, and a processing fee.


NB! Area-based exploration permits are subject to an advance payment upon registration of the application. The invoiced advance payment shall be 20 % of the basic fee of the performance.


MINES Basic fee, € Surcharge, €/hour
Reservation decisions    
Reservation decision, area <100 km2 1,200 95
Reservation decision, area ≥ 100 km2 2,200 95
Expiration of reservation decision 500  
Exploration (ore prospecting)    
Ore prospecting permit    
Ore prospecting permit, < 1,000 hectares 3,000 95
Ore prospecting permit, 1,001–2,000 hectares 6,000 95
Ore prospecting permit, 2,001–4,000 hectares 8,000 95
Ore prospecting permit, > 4,000 hectares 10,000 95
Ore prospecting permit, extension of validity 3,000 95
Ore prospecting permit, expiration 1,500  
Ore prospecting permit, change    
Minor change 750  
Major change 2,000  
Decision on enforcement of decision despite appeal (separate decision) 1,000 95
Gold panning    
Gold panning permit 700  
Gold panning permit, extension of validity 550  
Gold panning permit, change 300  
Gold panning permit, expiration 300  
Mining activities    
Mining permit 5,000 95
Review of mining permit requirements 2,000 95
Review of mining permit requirements, gold panning 500 95
Mining permit, extension of validity 2,500 95
Mining permit, expiration 1,500 95
Mining permit, change 1,500 95
Termination of mining activities 5,000 95
Termination of mining activities, gold panning 500 95
Confirmation of excavation fee, metallic mineral 1,000 95
Confirmation of excavation fee, other than metallic mineral 2,000 95
Decision on enforcement of decision despite appeal (separate decision) 1,000 95
Deposition of collateral and issue of orders to mining concession for securing private and public interests 475 95
Assignment or pledge of permit,
other decisions
Assignment of permit (excl. gold panning) 1,500 95
Assignment of gold panning permit or mining concession only undertaking gold panning 495 95
Pledge of permit/permits 500 95
Rectification of violation or neglect (administrative constraint) 500 95


Other decision 495 95