WELMEC (European co-operation in legal metrology) is a European cooperation body in legal metrology. Its members are the authorities representing national legal metrology in EU and EFTA Member States.


The purpose of WELMEC is to develop and harmonise the operations and interpretations of European authorities and inspection bodies in legal metrology and to promote communication between involved parties and those with an interest to the subject. WELMEC also advises the European Commission and the Council in the development of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). WELMEC does this by, for example, drawing up guidelines for a harmonised application of directives concerning legal metrology.


WELMEC’s decision-making body is the Committee that consists of representatives of Member States and Associate Members and the observers of EUROMET, EA, OIML and other regional organisations with an interest in legal metrology. Guidelines are prepared by WELMEC working groups that meet whenever necessary.


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