Other valid directives

In addition to the NAWI Directive and the MID, a number of old product directives are valid for an indefinite period.


80/181/EEC     Directive on units of measurement

2009/34/EC     The basic Old Approach Directive relating to common provisions

                          for both measuring instruments and methods of metrological control

75/107/EEC      Bottles used as measuring containers

76/211/EEC      Prepackaged products


Directives that will be repealed on 1 December 2015:

71/317/EEC      5 to 50 kilogramme rectangular bar weights and 1 to

                          10 kilogramme cylindrical weights

71/347/EEC      Standard mass per storage volume of grain

74/148/EEC      Weights from 1 mg to 50 kg

75/33/EEC        Cold-water meters

76/765/EEC      Alcoholometers and alcohol hydrometers

76/766/EEC      Alcohol tables

86/217/EEC      Tyre pressure gauges for motor vehicles


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