Market report and planning


Society places inspection obligations on safety-critical products and functions. This creates a need for independent inspection. Conformity assessment may also be a condition of international trade or approval for various uses.


Profitable operations are a prerequisite to commercial inspection bodies. The significance of inspection activities in terms of supporting the company’s image or operational policy may provide an exception to this rule in some cases.


The development of an inspection body begins with a market survey. Companies finding conformity assessment activities compatible with their operations determine the profitability and suitability of such activities and use the findings to arrive at a decision to establish an inspection body.


Tukes provides advice and takes part in the license process.


Should the market survey prove positive, planning is initiated. The scope, organisational requirements, human resources, procedures for obtaining the necessary qualifications and material conditions for operations are determined at this stage.


The planning stage involves further market reports, contacts with potential major clients, assessors and the licensing authorities.


Key actors at this stage are the future management of the inspection body, its quality managers, inspectors, Tukes in an advisory capacity and future assessors.