Launch of operations and operational readiness


At the stage of building operations, the organisation, quality control system and operational policies of the inspection body are created while also obtaining the necessary training and qualifications for personnel and recruiting new talent as necessary. A key element is putting together the necessary network of subcontractors and bringing it to the requisite standard.


The inspection body is prepared for assessment at the building stage and the assessment inclusive of any initial assessments is agreed.


Operational readiness refers to a stage wherein the operational prerequisites for serving as an inspection body are in place. Assessments have been carried out and approved and approval as inspection body has been obtained. Key issues at this stage focus on creating customer contacts, providing information, marketing and seeking out practical operational models. The material prerequisites to conformity assessment are honed and conformity assessment are first carried out in practice.


The inspection body applies for a Tukes approval in accordance with legislation in each sector. Once approved, the inspection body may carry out conformity assessments and evaluations in the sectors specified in the approval. The inspection body submits an annual report on operations to Tukes, as well as notifications on any material changes in operations.

An inspection body may employ subcontractors to carry out its assessment assignments. Subcontractors in these tasks are subject to the same requirements as the inspection body.