Changes and termination of operations


Changes in legislation or the goals or organisation of the inspection body may result in changes to the scope and content of the inspection body’s approval. Approval of changes is conditional upon the same demonstrations of quality control system, policies and employee qualifications as apply to other conformity assessment.


The actors at this stage are the management, quality manager and assessors of the inspection body and Tukes in its capacity to approve any changes.


Changes in legislation, market demand or the goals of the inspection body may spell an end to the need for inspection activities or render them unprofitable or no longer compatible with the business of the company serving as inspection body. In such cases, operation as an inspection body either ends or is discontinued. The inspection body ceases to operate, does not seek to further pursue its activities or loses the legislative foundation for its operations.


Actors at this stage are the inspection body and Tukes, which removes it from the list of approved inspection bodies.