Planning and Starting Contractor Work

A person becoming an electrical contractor must carry out certain preparations before beginning offering his/her services. With regard to the safety requirements, the key thing is to acquire a certificate of qualifications or hire a competent supervisor of electrical works. When the activities are in enterprise form, in particular, one should think through some other things in advance as well, such as what is the business idea and line of business, how is financing arranged, what will be the form and initial size of the enterprise, who form the primary clientele, and who are the suppliers and partners, etc. Additionally, the necessary prerequisites for performing the work are acquired at this stage, such as tools and measuring equipment (must be available), sufficient workspace and the technical and administrative regulations and instructions related to electrical safety etc. One must ensure that any recruited employees have sufficient professional skills.


A person getting into electrical contracting and starting a business is also required to take certain formal measures such as registration of the business and notifying the Tax Administration. As per the Electrical Safety Act, a formal notification has to be made to Tukes before starting electrical work activities.

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