Installation and commissioning


Licensed electrical contractors build (install) electrical installations according to electrical plans. For smaller assignments, separate plans may not always be prepared.


Electrical contractor means an operator as provided for in the Electrical Safety Act who carries out the electrical work on the site. Electrical contractors may be engaged directly by the client or may serve as subcontractors to the principle contractor in charge of the entire construction project.  The key statutory requirements imposed on electrical contractors state that the person to be appointed as Person in Charge shall be a sufficiently qualified supervisor of electrical work with responsibility for issues of safety and that notification of the electrical contractor’s operations has been made in the register. Electrical contractors may be enterprises or natural persons.


For the purpose of ensuring electrical safety, the electrical contractor shall conduct a commissioning inspection consisting of a visual inspection as well as various tests and measurements. The commissioning inspection record is given to the party ordering the electrical work.


Furthermore, the electrical contractor shall commission a certification inspection of all electrical installations coming within the scope of the electrical installation categories determined in the statutes. The certification inspection shall be conducted on residential buildings over the size of semi-detached house, on electrical installations using fuses rated at over 35A, and on certain other special installations regardless of fuse rating. For modifications, the most common limit is a work area with over-current protection of more than 35A. More details appear in the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s decision on commissioning and use of electrical installations (517/1996 as amended). Certification inspections are performed by authorised inspection bodies and authorised inspectors.


Authorised inspection bodies and authorised inspectors licensed by Tukes conduct certification inspections at the commissioning stage as well as periodic inspections. A list of authorised inspectors is available on the Tukes website.


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