Installation, operation and maintenance

Electrical equipment that does not require installation in order to be taken into use is manufactured to such a degree of operational readiness that just plugging it in is enough. Such equipment includes several household appliances and lighting fixtures. However, if taking the equipment into use requires installation, it may only be performed by a professional electrician. Electrical equipment that must be installed by a professional includes fixed-installation lighting fixtures, dimmers designed to replace light switches, stoves and sauna stoves.


Clear operating instructions providing the essential information for the safe use of the equipment must be delivered with the equipment in both Finnish and Swedish. Additionally, the required identification and safety labels must be affixed on the equipment. The labelling requirements for electrical equipment can be found in the directives and standards concerning the product.


The operating instructions must include any limitations on the place of operation, for example, is it safe to use the equipment outdoors or in humid spaces. The cold Finnish winter places challenges and limitations on the safe use of the equipment, but it may also have an adverse effect on the service life of the equipment. Using the equipment in accordance with the operating instructions ensures safety and also allows you to achieve the energy-efficiency promised by the manufacturer.


Consumer electrical equipment typically require quite little maintenance. The equipment is often designed in such a manner that cleaning constitutes sufficient maintenance. If the equipment’s guarantee requires following a maintenance programme, this must be clearly indicated in the operating instructions.


The consumer or end user bears the responsibility of the use of electrical equipment, but it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, importer or distributor to provide sufficient instructions with the product to ensure the safe use of the equipment.