Import and sales

It is the manufacturer's, distributor's and vendor's responsibility to ensure that all imported and sold electrical equipment meets all applicable requirements. During import activities, compliance with any national language and technical special requirements must be taken into consideration. Neglecting the requirements applicable to the equipment can lead to serious consequences and considerable costs.


Importer shall mean any natural or legal person established within the EU who places electrical equipment from a third country on the EU market. The importer is responsible for the equipment imported from third countries and placed on the EU market meeting the European requirements. You can read about the obligations of the importer here.


Distributor shall mean any natural or legal person who makes electrical equipment available on the market – i.e., puts on the national market equipment that has already been placed on the EU market. Distributors also include retailers and wholesalers of electrical equipment, along with commercial sellers of used goods, such as recycling centres and flea markets. You can read about the obligations of the distributor here.


The importer or distributor shall be considered a manufacturer when he places electrical equipment on the market under his name or trademark. The importer or distributor shall also be considered the manufacturer, when he modifies equipment already placed on the market in such a way that compliance with the applicable requirements may be affected. You can read about the obligations of the manufacturer here.